PRO-ATC/SR Features

  • PRO-ATC/SR just runs autonomously beside the Flight Simulation (MSFS, Prepar3D or FSX-SE). Top priority was focused on to not restrict the simulation in any way. Using PRO-ATC/SR, you'll not notice significant loss of frames per second. Partially 1 or 2 frames - if at all. The interface used is the FS standard interface "SimConnect". No additional programs or modules necessary. It is compatible to Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS 2020), Prepar3D and even to FSX-SE.
  • Now you can communicate with ATC and your virtual co-pilot by speech via a standard headset mike'. SR uses ENGLISH ONLY. If you do not want to use SR then you can use keyboard and controller keys.
  • Complete air traffic control by PRO-ATC/SR from the gate at departure airport to the gate at destination airport
  • Worldwide navigation database containing all data for airports, VORs, NDBs, Intersections, departure- and arrival procedures (SIDs/STARs).
  • The database can be actualized by Navdata-Pro or Navigraph AIRAC data.
  • Additionally the installed scenery is taken into account thanks to Pete Dowsons MakeRwys.
  • SIDs/STARs are assigned according to weather conditions.
  • Other SIDs/STARs/Runways can be requested.
  • AI is recognized and managed (on ground on holding position only).
  • Convenient Flight-Planner
  • Export and import of flightplans in different formats.
  • Import of the last saved flightplan in SimBrief.
  • Automatic route calculation incorporating lower and upper airways.
  • Customizing a calculated route is still possible.
  • Departure and arrival procedures.
  • Many third party aircraft supported (listed on the right hand side).
  • Extensive copilot support for autopilot, flaps, brakes, speed brakes, gear, lighting, nav-radio, com-radio... All this is optional, you may even turn off copilot support completely - not a really good idea.
  • Please note that with the Fenix Airbus only the COM Radio is supported by the co-pilot for now.
  • 12 checklists can be processed in teamwork with your copilot.
  • New checklists can be defined. Customizing the existing ones is also possible.
  • The default GPS flightplan for the simulation can be generated and loaded automatically
  • The GPS flightplan for all supported third party aircraft can be generated automatically, but you have to load it via FMC. Not possible yet with the Fenix Airbus. But you may download the flightplan via SimBrief.
  • Sound sets for pilot, copilot and controllers, specially recorded for PRO-ATC/SR. We have added some of the freeware sound files from MaveCreation to avoid checking for corrections on each launch. Therefore please do not overwrite the existing voice sets!
  • Coordinates and frequency dependent background ATC. You hear country, radar sector and even airport specific ATC. It is even extendable.
  • Holdings
  • Missed Approach supported
  • Moving map shows your aircraft and all important information on a map
  • The 'new' In'Flight window shows all important information. It can be displayed anywhere on the main FlightSim screen or you can move the 'In-Flight' window to another screen or even to a networked PC(uses SimConnect).
  • Executable on a networked PC.

  • Probably we have forgotten to mention that we will be continuously improving the ATC functionality and fixing ALL reported bugs/issues that are reported via our in house forum.

We are sure you'll enjoy the new features implemented by PRO-ATC/SR.