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General Discussion / MOVED: headset
« Last post by moskito-x on 05 May, 2021, 05:12:17 AM »
General Discussion / Twitch Streaming Question
« Last post by ATC_Chat on 26 April, 2021, 21:12:45 PM »

I am interested in your product, as a replacement for VATSIM. My only concern is whether I am allowed to use PRO ATC X while I am streaming my flights on Twitch. It could mean more sales for your addon, as more users start to ask about it.

Can you please confirm whether PRO ATC X can be used for streaming through Twitch?

Thank you for your time!
General Discussion / Altitude
« Last post by Turambar on 24 April, 2021, 18:09:16 PM »
When reaching TOD Pro-ATC doesn't follow FMC by starting to descent. When I descent manually, Pro-ATC tells me to level back to cruise altitude.... This happens every flight I do, even after the update to
I hope someone can tell my what I'm doing wrong?
KR Theo Legters
The Netherlands
General Discussion / Re: Windows Service Pack 1 or later required?
« Last post by PPortal121 on 23 April, 2021, 23:04:41 PM »
Fehler erkannt: Mit rechter Maustaste auf das Symbol, weiter unter Eigenschaften, dann unter Kompatibilität "Programm im Kompatibilitätsmodus ausführen für" Windows 7 den Haken entfernen.
Das wars. 
General Discussion / Adding voices
« Last post by newtie on 23 April, 2021, 17:25:08 PM »
Can Cereproc and Ivona voices be added to ProATC?
General Discussion / Re: Unable to unlock new purchased pro-atc/x
« Last post by moskito-x on 23 April, 2021, 14:57:05 PM »

Take care : Whatever you write it's "CASE SENSITIVE"

Your PayPal account the name is also


Could also be Qiang Zhang

In short ProATcX and Paypal must have the same names.
General Discussion / Re: Unable to unlock new purchased pro-atc/x
« Last post by zhangqiang on 23 April, 2021, 05:54:07 AM »  no register found
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