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FSX Tours-Castles of Ireland
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day and Slainte!<br /><br />Virtual Tour of Seven Castles in Ireland<br />The Castle Scenery is freeware from Daniel Florentin.  <br />He specifically adapted this scenery for Orbx Scenery Europe EU Ireland.<br />The castle are shown in this order:<br />1.Kilkenny<br />2.Cahir<br />3.Blackrock (Cork)<br />4.Limerick<br />5.Carrygafoyle<br />6.Donnagore<br />7.Listowel<br /><br />His scenery is available for download on AVSIM: ‘Ireland-Castles_pack_01.zip” and  “Ireland_castles_pack_01_2.zip”<br />I included actual pictures of the castle to show you the excellent reproductions Daniel produced.  <br />Mr. Florentin also included night textures that are also shown in this video.<br /><br />I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman,  <br /><br />Please subscribe to OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS  channel for new releases at<br />.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_zeEUvH6_33EI0tuBTfRw<br />This is a non-commercial  hobby youtube channel.      <br /><br />A special thank you to Daniel Florentin for his wonderful scenery.<br />

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