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Help needed please.
« on: 13 May, 2021, 14:19:17 PM »
Hello everyone,
I am of course new to the forum and the product.

I have flown two flight plans so far, and both have brought up some issues. What troubles the most is that, there is no vectoring or ATC directives pertaining to transitional altitudes on descent for approach and landing.

I the first occasion I was put into a holding pattern at FL360 doing a complete 360 degree spin for thirty minutes, then directed to descend to 5000 feet, which the copilot took as being a spiral descent directly over the airport I wanted to land at. I then shut down the flight, with some frustration.

The second flight took be to the threshold of the runway at FL320, still without the ATC call for a standard approach.

I am hoping this is something to do with the settings, in that I may have done something wrong with SID's/STAR's or something.

Any help would be great. I am currently flying FSX Steam. (I have MSFS2020 but my rig can't pull that just yet).

(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section of the Forum).


Michael Van Rooyen

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Re: Help needed please.
« Reply #1 on: 13 May, 2021, 14:55:08 PM »
Hello Michael,

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