Author Topic: BETA V1.9.2.7 -E has just been released to the BETA team  (Read 2071 times)

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BETA V1.9.2.7 -E has just been released to the BETA team
« on: 15 February, 2021, 20:40:41 PM »
This is the email they all received:

Some of the changes:

1. Front screen has changed, you can now Shift/CTRL select flights for deletion
2. You cannot file any flight plans that DO NOT validate against the 'installed' AIRAC in your PROATCX....ATC will reject it. Go get your dispatcher head-on and file a correct flight plan!
3. Italian Airspace restrictions are enforced BUT you will only get a warning if your flight plan is incorrect. You can still 'file and fly' the route BUT be aware ATC might not be happy!!! Will will know if you file a fight plan that has a 'warning' and you ignored them!
4. if you have any flight plans saved (first screen), then these 'Might' not meet ATC validation. Easy check is to 'edit flight' and the save, making no changes. If it is valid then all will be good, if not you will see the reasons why it failed.

All other reported issues should now be fixed. Again fly the test routes and report as normal.

REMEMBER your flights are validated against whatever AIRAC cycle you have installed in PRoATC/X  they are NOT validated with EuroControl. Also if you have different AIRAC cycles installed in you planning software and ProATC/X you will 'potentially' have an issue when filing your flight plan with ProATC/X.

Have fun

Clive Joy.